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Shane Mahoney is one of the most recognized voices in North American conservation and is considered a leading authority on the North American Model and the continent's conservation history. He has had a long and varied career as a research biologist and conservation communicator. The former Head of Wildlife Research and Executive Director of Science and Sustainable Development for the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, his scientific studies of predator-prey interactions of bears, lynx and woodland caribou and his work on sustainable use of wildlife have been widely published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, monographs and book chapters. 

An outspoken advocate for inclusive conservation approaches that embrace concerns for the welfare of animals as well as for human societies and cultural diversity, his opposition to exclusionary views on how best to achieve conservation success are well known.

Shane is also well known to the public and professional communities for his popular articles, numerous public and professional lectures and his various radio, television and film efforts, the latter including work with BBC and National Geographic.   

Shane currently serves as CEO of Conservation Visions; Executive Director of the High Lonesome Institute in Colorado; Deputy-Chair for the Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group for the World Conservation Union (IUCN); Vice-President for the Policy and Law Division of the International Council for the Conservation of Wildlife (CIC); and International Liaison for the Wildlife Society.