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Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance

Sponsorship Partner


“Our purpose clause states“ We will support initiatives that:

Develop and implement conservation and wildlife propagation strategies, including strategies to combat poaching; 
Develop and implement holistic wildlife conservation solutions with and involving indigenous communities; 
Provide financial, material and tactical support to antipoaching groups and
Increase awareness and acceptance of the value of maintaining diverse wildlife populations”

Through filming the very well received series “CartersWAR” I cannot help but notice the huge amount of need in Africa today, particularly in areas where there is desperate human wildlife conflict. Within every single example of this conflict, there exist true heroes of conservation. The entire goal of this foundation is the support of these heroes of conservation in any way that we can.

“True conservation will happen when a wildlife hero on the front line has everything they need to be fully effective – we intend to give them these tools” – Ivan Carter 

This is a not for profit with a difference. We pride ourselves with being very fast to mobilize funding from the donor community and we are not in the business of charity, we are in the business of making a difference. But in ways that are truly sustainable - using African solutions to solve African problems - 

We have created a model whereby no less than 90% of all donations reach the specific destination for which they are intended.